Protégé : An Elasto-Plastic Model of Avian Gastrulation: an opinion

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77 yo

77 years ago, Wetzel nicely described and depicted cell movements at the chick embryo epiblast. And this is from his 1929 paper1

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William Shakespeare

Et tu, Gastrulation? Then fall, Caesar!

Which work of Shakespeare was the original quote from?

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he did it again!

That’s weird, he do know that his paper EPMAG is just a set of hypotheses and if he learned anything about chick development since he wrote it he should know that there are a lot of errors in it, and he should spend some time preparing a corrigendum for EPMAG, Organogenesis.

We had kind of a discussion here to prove that even the editor in chief of Organogenesis consider the paper as an hypothesis, but Vincent Fleury still present it as a published work that could support his theory: No, definitively no.

Do you think that such a conduct is ethical? Don’t consider scientific ethics in particular, just general ones.

Well, well, well, there was a lot of fuzz about that point and it would be stupid to go through it without learning something. What I learned is that Fleury didn’t learned anything.

Stuart Pivart Lifecode

Lifecode – From Egg to Embryo by Self-Organization

A Book Review: « Lifecode: From egg to embryo by self-organization », Mark Chu-Carroll

Lifecode: From egg to embryo by self-organization & Lifecode, PZ Myers

Review of Stu Pivar’s book Lifecode, Jerry Bergman at Denyse O’Leary’s blog

Busted: PR Flacks who ran afoul of the science blogosphere, including a brand new flack for Stuart Pivar who showed up right here on this blog


What would be the mysterious stage corresponding to figure 15b of EPMAG ? None of the schemas is staged,, so it is quite difficult. Well, not quite eight shaped, more pear shaped in fact, and I don’t dare to let the red dashed line. Seems like there is a problem here with the description. Not a small one.

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