vox populi, vox rei

OK, the full review was found too much aggressive toward the author and the referees and the editor. Concerning the staff of Organogenesis I must say that they done the worst job, I’m aware of, while reviewing and accepting this paper.

I hope that no biologist was involved in the review process and that the editor that handled the paper didn’t read it carefully. If some bioscientist read the paper carefully and didn’t found the flaws all I can suggest is a battery of cognitive tests, ASAP.
The « sandwich » is one of the horrible examples of ignorance the author displayed and the review process didn’t corrected. Shame on them.
Credibility of the journal may be evaluated as the inverse of the number of flaws you will be able to spot.

The model is flawed. No crack propagation to explain the PS progress (the basal lamina is present below it ’till stage 3), prepaterning of the PS before it’s formation (recent data), no « four vortices » visible on the epiblast, no vortices in the mesoderm, mesodermal cells migration patterns falsely described, etc.

As MarkCC put it [edit Agathi; he never read things completely?]:

Invalid models do not produce valid results. Stop. Do not pass go. Do not collect $200. Do not get your paper published in a decent journal. Do get laughed at by people who aren’t clueless jackasses.

I’ll add:

  • Journals that publish such papers do not pass go, do not collect subscriptions and aren’t available from decent libraries. Even if the editorial board have the illusion of publishing interesting stuff, on the basis of inappropriate review.
  • Invalid models can’t produce anything valid, especially theories.
    Down the drain gone Fleury’s theory.

I’ll keep this paper easily accessible, as it’s the only one I have seen where the author states that the problem discussed isn’t analytically tractable while he claims an analytically exact description of it. (do you need to be an expert to find that suspicious?)

People that offered « time will tell » as the final remark should reconsider their standards. One shouldn’t leave flawed theories persist in scientific grounds as they disqualify not only their authors but also their environment, including those tolerant by ignorance. That explain why just after posting my memo to the library, to avoid a subscription to Organogenesis, I cleaned my blogroll at C&C. I don’t like to link to « time will tell » users.

I consider that I done my share. F*ck V »I »F, his flawed model, his silly theory, his genetics and evolution denialism, and those stupid enough to consider them, either to build more stupid theories on them, e.g. Jean Staune, or respectfully, believing that tolerance of stupidity is equivalent to good manners.


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  1. edited the post to add a useful link, useful to one of our spammers, the one who have understanding and memory problems

  2. still reading garbage Agathi!

    please, stop feeding the troll, already asked that I think

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