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A friend contacted me after reading the draft of the review of EPMAG. With permission:

As you say, no need to be an expert to be sure that no embryologist reviewed the paper. Too much BS in there. And who cares about the exactitude of the mathematical formulas if they apply to a fictional space? […]

Let the guy at his illusions and Organogenesis think they got some genius with a revolutionary theory, delusion seems to be « in » these days. If in the future you find a citation of it, then it will be time to publish a full paper; waiting for this moment don’t help him correct his errors, the « sandwich » episode was funny but now he is aware that he must change the description. Leave him in ignorance. Ignoranus, that’s the word you spotted the other day, isn’t it? V »I »F 😀 Mon Français n’es[t] pas mauvais

He got a point here. Even if his French isn’t perfect 😛

It may be interesting to let thing go further to make a « strike ». Any other opinions available? Use mail, I wouldn’t set up a poll just for that 😉

Three questions; should I:

  • polish the draft and let it go public
  • keep the draft private and document with extracts from the paper (public is without to respect copyrights)
  • keep the « time will tell » attitude, despite the fact that I found it unethical? (the guy is presenting his « work » to students, please consider that before answering)
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Une Réponse

  1. Antoine,
    imho you will not find the paper cited except from Fleury et al.
    my vote: (b) and (c)
    if students aren’t clever enough to understand how surreal is the take of Fleury don’t spent time on them; as you say, freshmen should be able to correct the paper, where referees of Organogenesis failed

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