I’ve being contacted

Just learned by Enro’s comment that I was contacted before the writing of this post! Well, Tom Roud wrote me on Oct 21, 2007 to point that he just learned about the shutdown of Fleury’s website on my blog and ask if I knew more about it.

Then we exchanged three other messages.

He didn’t mentioned he wanted info to prepare a blogpost. I would have provide more, including the password to have a peek in the e-mails exchange with AR. You want a blogger to be well informed, as much as possible, when he prepares a post.

May I propose a deal? I’m ready to post here my e-mail exchange with Tom Roud on the subject if Vincent Fleury accepts that his e-mails are displayed along mines. Just to give people the opportunity to have the two points of view side-by-side.

It should be instructive. Of course, Tom’s authorization will be necessary to show his part.




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