Pathological intellectual honesty

Somebody, recently, said I was affected by « pathological intellectual honesty ». I wouldn’t consider intellectual honesty as a pathological pathological trait of character; I don’t even want to comment about what kind of people could consider intellectual honesty as a pathological state. [even with poor language skills in French it’s easy to find the author of this statement]

I was reading the exchanges I had with Jamie Davies about « An Elasto-Plastic Model of Avian Gastrulation » and something I had forgotten popped-up. When I discuss about someone in particular, I always send him a CC of my messages. That was the case also for Fleury who was on the CC roll of my replies to Dr. Davies, Fleury, along with his lab’s manager.

Thus, when he wrote this commentary, Fleury knew exactly what the personal opinion of Jamie Davies is about the absence of the « hypothesis » qualifier in the title of his paper, or he should knew if he read the message. And I hope that Pr. Davies doesn’t change opinions each time he change his hat. Fleury must read it again (message of « 1 octobre 2007 17:21:41 HAEC »), and pay more attention not on what I wrote, but to what was stated by Jamie Davies in the quoted message [Le 1 oct. 07 à 16:11, Jamie Davies a écrit : …]


I propose that after he done so he post his apologizes as a comment attached to this post, or I could be tempted to paste here an addendum: the paragraph of special interest of this personal e-mail from the Editor in Chief of Organogenesis. Ordinary ethos, you expect from fellows scientists, should be sufficient to avoid me the addendum. And patience is certainly not my main virtue.


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  1. […] I said previously, Fleury should know this one before he posted his comment, trying to make it look as if distorted […]

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