Smart people have to leave sterile discussions first.

Antoine done so at the Sur-la-Toile forum. As he is smarter than Fleury I suppose he would validate the lazy comments he posted lately as he did for those injurious posted before. It should take a few minutes to convince him. So, I done so.

So Fleury decided to avoid scientific journals for his theory and it’s wise to do so, and like Pivar threaten with legal action. Unable to go to the scientific arena, that’s it.

Now, I will welcome here every single comment of Fleury and discuss it extensively. So, stay tuned for my take on this one, later in the day. Fucking interesting stuff in there.

Hey, Fleury, Start preparing a justification about an hypothesis you didn’t listed in your comment: the approximation of cell’s behaving similarly.

It will be fun.



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