New rules for dloale

So, a few new rules about dloale.

First of all, this can’t be anymore a science related blog as I decided to accept all of Fleury’s comments. I hesitated to transfer the posts of some Peer reviewed stuff at Coffee and Sci(ence), but I’m a lazy blog owner. So I’ll keep them here, but from now on the science density will probably drop to homeopathic levels. You are warned.

Second. I don’t have much time to spend with Fleury’s theory and biological culture lack or genetics denialism. So, 10 min maximum per working day (that is, the blog will benefit from WE). If I haven’t finished a post the mention [to be continued, hold commentaries] will be added.

Third. The philosophical a priori that can lead somebody to some forms of scientific denialism will be discussed. I don’t know if they apply to Fleury, but they may apply to Fleury. SO, those will be guesses. Maybe he will be willing to say if he adopts some points of view or not. Maybe not. But who cares? Certainly not me.


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