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It is difficult to argue with girls, especially when they are right. Agathi’s argument was something like that :

You said that you would like maximum exposure of Fleury’s points of view, you said that you would even help him to set-up a personal blog, you already prepared a blog for him. Why not just let him comment here? He place whatever he says here under the Creative Commons license of the blog, so people reading it can quote him freely. You should accept his comments to be coherent.

The problem, my problem, is that she is right.

So, comments are free, and you are welcome to say whatever seems pertinent to you. One condition: english. Anything french go to trash immediately. No retroactivity of course, but from now on I would like non french speaking scientists to be able to read what is said here. No exceptions ’till I change my mind. Free ramblings fellows.

You, dear commentators, don’t have the possibility to post images. If you think that it is absolutely necessary to display an image, get a personal web space. I’m not here to do your work. And link to it through the comments.

The game changed, so I’ll be back discussing Fleury’s understanding of the world. I’ll send invitations around 😉

Agathi, sometimes you are a pain in the *ss :-* Next time, give me a call before applying unilateral decision, or I’ll kick your ass out of this blog. I suppose that’s clear.


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