VF comments I send mails

Vincent Freury,

Whatever request concerning demands for withdrawal of any material from the dloale.wordpress.com blog, especially those linked to legal action threats, must be addressed postal at the blog’s postal address, available at the « About page« . As you mention legal action it is necessary to send your letter in greek, as Athens’ tribunals are competent to handle any eventual case.

Please, clearly mention:
a) the URL of the content you consider inadequate
b) which part of the the text/illustrations you think is inadequate
c) why you think the content is inadequate

You may avoid stuff that is not published in scientific journals as support of your views, as the main concern is that your ‘theory’ can’t be considered a scientific theory.

If you published something new since I repeated for a third time my invitation for you to do so (https://dloale.wordpress.com/2007/10/04/vf-et-ar-le-3-octobre-2007-220854-haec/), either as a prepublication or a reviewed paper, I’ll be interested to receive the references.

You mention in your message links between your name and neocreationists’ sites. I didn’t found any.

The only possible connexion between you and creationists ‘visible’ in dloale or any other of my blogs, is via the Université Interdisciplinaire de Paris and Jean Staune. The UIP being considered as an organisation with creationist goals in his agenda (as far as I understand from the Report of the Committee on Culture, Science and Education of the European Counsil, Doc. 11375 17 September 2007, available at http://assembly.coe.int/main.asp?Link=/documents/workingdocs/doc07/edoc11375.htm, section B [Explanatory memorandum], §58; and as far I understand by the activities and statements of Jean Staune – you may check links posted at http://neocreationniste.blogspot.com/2007/06/lide-de-cration.html for creation related statements and Intelligent Design related activity).

The connexion was established clearly and publicly by the announcement of your conference on March 7, 2007, and you, personally announced it in a public forum (http://www.sur-la-toile.com/viewTopicNum_47665_3_150_L’evolution-,-l’embryogenese,-aspec.html, 06-02-2007 à 12:22).

A second part, was established by Jean Staune, in his book « L’existence at-elle un sens », chapter XI and further during personal e-mail exchanges concerning your joint appreciation about me (from Jean Staune, 25 mai 2007 22:27:37 HAEC – you should ask Staune for a copy of the message).

Is this ‘link’ you mention? In this case that should be some link to (http://www.uip.edu/uip/spip.php?page=agenda_article&id_article=258&id_rubrique=41) or (http://www.uip.edu/uip/spip.php?page=article_second&id_article=373&id_rubrique=23). If this is the your concern, it would be much more simple to ask for those two pages to be erased and/or give me the URLs where the links are in dloeale. I will be delighted to eliminate them, signaling that you don’t want to be connected with the UIP.

Or is there some other hypertext link I failed to detect?

This link may be of interest for you: http://coffeeandsci.wordpress.com/2007/10/11/denyse-john-hugh-and-bob-at-bills/

And as always, the reminder that you own apologizes for wrong accusations and insults, about the JeanWalker, Pitx1, Weijer 1 and Weijer 2 episodes.


Une Réponse

  1. La loi vous accorde 3 jours pour poster le droit de réponse.

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