à VF et AR, le 3 octobre 2007 22:08:54 HAEC

M. Vincent Fleury,

I just got complaints from my colleague signing her contributions on the Net by the pseudonym « Agathi » that you continue your postings at the comments of her blog. You’ve being told already that she doesn’t wish any contact with you.

Sometime ago we had the same problem occurring between you and me, with you invading space where you wasn’t welcome.
First, you broke the exchanges at « Sur-la-Toile », asking for a thread to be closed, because I challenged you to publish your ‘theory’ in a scientific journal rather than in a general public book; that was the second call. Later, in a new thread dealing with Jean Staune’s non-sens, your trollish attitude made me leave this space definitively.
Second, in my blog your insults made me ban you.
Third by e-mail, and you were banned.
You seem to be unable to get a personal space to express your points of view and unfortunately I learned that the space your lab was allowing is closed. Setting-up a blog takes less than 5 min and that may be an interesting experience. It will be interesting to have your scientific denialism exposed and accessible for anybody (english would be perfect for that) and you do know that there are a lot of people discussing science over blogs. I think that PZ Myers or Mark Chu-Carroll would be delighted to deal with what you had published in the GMCM webspace (those are the most competent for, but others may join the discussion); or with your book if it was available in english. Stuart Pivar is a typical example of their interest for this kind of books.

This is not an attempt to start over a dialog, just a reminder that whatever exchanges there may be in the future between us, they should be via publication in one or another of the scientific journal dealing with the subject, from who have a ‘theory’ to defend, and that’s you.

Please, if you can’t stand the length of the peer-review process, use a prepublication server; there are a few excellent, e.g. http://arxiv.org/ or http://precedings.nature.com/about/, the second being prestigious and allowing discussions online. There is a « development » section (http://precedings.nature.com/subjects/development). But you really should try to submit a manuscript to PLoS ONE.

So, there is no reason to try to contact « Agathi » or me personally or via the comments of our blogs for any other reason than apologize for your insults, or to provide a pre-print of your manuscripts, or a link to a prepublication. I hope that this is clear enough. Anything else isn’t welcome.

I will appreciate if in the future you address copy of any message sent to me or « Agathi », from the facilities of the University of Rennes 1 (discernible by IP and/or e-mail address domain), to your lab’s head, actually Mme Renault; I will do the same for my messages addressed to you.


PS I enjoy your presentation at Namur (2006); a lot of facts there.


2 Réponses

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