Saran crack

Poiseuille flow! Clearly established with link and addition to Wikipedia (fr; damn, how dare they display IPs? Fleury thinks that’s illegal 😉 ). And without need to have a sandwich with a top Extra-cellular membrane (which probably don’t exist and would make a first point for a corrigendum to ask for EPMAG).

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I’ve being contacted

Just learned by Enro’s comment that I was contacted before the writing of this post! Well, Tom Roud wrote me on Oct 21, 2007 to point that he just learned about the shutdown of Fleury’s website on my blog and ask if I knew more about it.

Then we exchanged three other messages.

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scientists on the Net

In « a must read » I pointed to a collective work by three french science bloggers discussing about the freedom of expression of french scientists in the Net. The starting point was the shutdown of Vincent Fleury’s website previously harbored by The University of Rennes 1 server, under the editorial responsibility of the UMR 6626 head (AR).

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L2/R2, could they be nonsensical?

As this is maybe a first point of agreement between Fleury and myself I promised to make of it a post.

In a recent comment he wrote:

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Got mail

By Fleury.

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a must read

Timothée, Tom Toud and Enro collaborated to write a must read about Fleury’s case.

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maybe out of focus

maybe not. Anyway, interesting stuff.