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Functional tissue-engineered blood vessels from bone marrow progenitor cells

Intéressante application de issues de la moelle osseuse.

Liu JY, Swartz DD, Peng HF, Gugino SF, Russell JA, Andreadis ST.

Cardiovascular Research, Article in Press, Corrected Proof

OBJECTIVE: have significant potential for development of cell-based therapeutics for cardiovascular tissue regeneration.
METHODS: We developed a novel method for isolating () from ovine bone marrow using a tissue-specific promoter and fluorescence-activated cell sorting.
RESULTS: As compared to vascular SMC, bone marrow-derived smooth muscle progenitor cells () exhibited similar morphology, showed higher proliferation potential and expressed several SMC markers including , , , , and SM22. When embedded in fibrin hydrogels, BM-SMPC contracted the matrix and displayed receptor- and non-receptor-mediated contractility, indicating that BM-SMPC can generate force in response to vasoreactive agonists. We also prepared tissue-engineered blood vessels from BM-SMPC and BM-derived endothelial cells and implanted them into the jugular veins of lambs. As early as five weeks post-implantation, grafted tissues displayed a confluent endothelial layer overlaying the medial layer in which BM-SMPC were aligned circumferentially and synthesized significant amounts of collagen. In contrast to previous results with vascular SMC, BM-SMPC synthesized high amounts of elastin that was organized in a fibrillar network very similar to that of native vessels.
CONCLUSIONS: Our results suggest that BM-SMPC may be useful in studying SMC differentiation and have high potential for development of cell therapies for the treatment of cardiovascular disease.


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